How my back pain disappeared in 4 days

Hi, I’m Beccy at Three Temples and welcome to my first blog. I’d like to introduce Spiral Stabilization (SPS), a revolutionary exercise technique which helps with herniated disc, scoliosis, athletic training, postural misalignment, back pain and a multitude of other diseases and issues.


Dr Smisek teaching Spiral Stabilization
Dr Smisek teaching a course specialising in pelvic and lower limb disorders

I discovered SPS when I met my now teacher of the system at a meditation retreat. I was looking for something physical to teach alongside Reiki. I found it with SPS but it is so much more than I first realised.


I attended the foundation course to find out what SPS is all about and gain the qualification to start teaching the technique. The foundation course taught me how to do the exercises myself for regular self-practice and how to teach others to do the same.


The exercises consist of very simple movements and breathing using a resistance cord which anyone over the age of 5 years can learn. The technique was created 40 years ago by Dr Smisek in Prague. Dr Smisek has taught practitioners of the system in many European countries in the last 25 years, but it has only been practised here in the UK for the last 4 years by a handful of people.


The results of regular practice of the technique are phenomenal. After 4 days of practising it myself my lower back pain disappeared. I had been suffering with this pain at varying intensities for the preceding 6 years, at times not being able to get out of bed, and it was completely gone within 4 days!


Group Spiral Stabilization class
Group Spiral Stabilization class

Since teaching the technique I’m finding similar results with my clients. Many of them suffer from back pain, among other issues, and many have tried other treatments but continue to suffer with the pain. With regular SPS practice of as little as 10 minutes a day they’re finding their back pain is disappearing or greatly reducing in a short space of time.


Check out the reviews on my website for feedback on how SPS has helped my clients to manage, reduce and get rid of long term back pain.


This is just one of the many benefits of SPS. For a more comprehensive list of benefits, please visit my Spiral Stabilization page.  


If you want to know what SPS can do for you, please contact me.

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