The biggest myth about healing...'s not a miracle cure!

The biggest misunderstanding around healing, in my experience, is that people expect it to be a miracle cure. Would you go to a doctor with a long-standing health problem and expect for the doctor to cure you in one session?

Healing is a journey

Whether you take a course of medicine from your GP, seek treatment from your local healer or undergo a course of sessions with your osteopath, healing is a journey.  


Health problems don’t manifest overnight and they don’t disappear in the same way. The symptoms of an illness or disease are normally the result of something which has manifested over a long time. Healing of any kind takes time to undo the damage to your body, mind and emotions.


Healing is holistic

There are many, many different types of healing: Reiki practitioners are healers, chiropractors are healers, counsellors are healers, doctors are healers. Each uses different skill sets and different methods to help a person back to health.


The issue with modern day medicine is that attitudes have been encouraged over the years to separate medical GPs from other types of complementary medicines. When really, they are all parts of the same whole. Each has its place.


The challenge is to change the way we perceive the divide between modern medicine and other healing techniques. To take the drug industry off its pedestal and bridge the gap between that and other healing types. To see that every varied technique, style and method of healing is equal to the next, including going to see your GP.


Some drugs work for some people and not for others. Some healing styles help some people and not others. Each person must find what works for them.


Healing is a journey: the mind, body, emotions and spirit are connected and healing one means healing all. A symptom of an illness or disease is your body or mind saying that something has been wrong for a while. When we look at treating all the elements of ourselves we can truly heal the problem, not just hide or treat the symptoms.


Keep an open mind

A person who does not ‘believe’ in healing “and all that rubbish” may go to see a healer once to prove themselves right. They might say to the healer, “You tell me what’s wrong, you’re the healer”. They might go to one session and say it didn’t work.


A healer of any kind is a human being using a technique to help you to heal yourself. That same person would not go to a doctor and say, “I’m not telling you what’s wrong with me, you should know already, you’re the doctor”. And then take one tablet and say, “That didn’t work”.


I would encourage us all to change the way we look at healing as a therapy, to change our mindset to make it inclusive. Why not try different techniques and give each one a chance to work? Go on the journey that is required to get you back to full health, taking into consideration every aspect of yourself: your mind, body, emotions and spirit. Take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing and use the healers, therapists and doctors as an aid in your journey.


Try something new

No-one is responsible for your health but you! Challenge yourself to try something new, book a session of something you would not normally do and see what happens.


If Reiki or Spiral Stabilization appeal to you, why not try one of these healing methods and see if it’s right for you? Contact me to book a session.

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