About Three Temples

Hi, I am Beccy at Three Temples. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, I began exploring the movement of energy at a young age when I started to notice the subtle ways that people affect each other on a subconscious level. After studying Psychology at A Level, I went on to train in dance, massage, bodywork therapy and healing techniques.  I trained to Master level in Reiki in 1992.
The use of Reiki taps into the natural flow of life force energy.  I combine this with a raw understanding of energy resonance and transference.  A Reiki practitioner acts like a conductor and facilitator, creating pathways for the energy; blood; breath and other systems of the body to use to encourage healing.  The healing energy then has access to areas of the body which may otherwise be blocked and depleted in nourishment.
I trained in SEMKA karate, with techniques rooted in ancient samurai movements. These techniques have a deep understanding of effective use of the body, movement and energy transfer to overcome an opponent. These techniques are transferable to life; I combine them with healing techniques to aid in unblocking stuck or stagnant energy.
My studies and enthusiasm for life are infused in my approach to therapy and healing, making what I offer completely unique but with its roots in solid, tried and tested techniques.  I offer a well-rounded approach to healing.  
Available for the first time in Sussex, Spiral Stabilization (SPS) is an enhanced musculoskeletal correction technique for improvement to overall health. (See Spiral Stabilization page for more information). Spiral stabilization is new to the UK but has been practiced successfully in Europe for over two decades and has been highly successful in the non-surgical treatment of herniated discs, among many other benefits.
I am passionate about bringing the benefits of SPS to Brighton, and will be the only practitioner of this therapy south of London. It has proven to be an extremely effective exercise technique, giving the power of healing back to the individual, as well as aiding with manual therapy where needed and guiding people on their journey to recovery.
The two therapies complement each other and can be used combined for a more holistic approach, helping you live a freer and more fulfilling life. Through these methods you can be guided to finding your inner well-being.

Brighton and Hove Therapies

Beccy practices at Brighton and Hove Therapies which offers beautiful treatment rooms and a wealth of natural and complementary therapies for you to pamper yourself. At the heart of Brighton it is close to the station, bus links and town with easy parking and access.  You will find it warm and welcoming, a place where you can relax and enjoy some time out of your busy day.

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My wonderful LOGO designer Sarah Copson can be contacted at oceaanlili@gmail.com

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My Spiral Stabilization teacher Yana Mitakova and more information about the technique can be found here http://www.spiralstabilization.co.uk