Do you have pain in your body?

Do you wish you had a better posture? Do you suffer from RSI, back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, past injury not healing properly, post-surgery complications, herniated disc, facet wear, pain in your feet or anywhere else in your body? Do you wish you had more strength, or more flexibility? Do you want to improve your sports performance?


If you said yes to any of the above, you may benefit from Spiral Stabilization!


spiral stabilisation of the spine

What is Spiral Stabilization?

Spiral Stabilization, or SPS, is an exercise technique which has been proven to improve, heal, and assist with recovery from all the above ailments and more. It also improves sports performance by improving the way we use our bodies to gain the optimum efficiency from our movements.

Why Do We Need Spiral Stabilization?

We have two types of muscle chains in our body, the spiral muscle chains and the vertical muscle chains.


The spiral muscle chains are made up of the core muscles which, when trained properly provide a muscle corset around our bodies to offer support for our posture and bring us into alignment and balance with our movements.


The vertical muscle chains are made up of muscles at the front and top of the shoulder, either side of the spine and the hip flexors. These muscles should provide support for our posture but should be relaxed when we are moving or exercising.


From a lifetime of misuse from sitting, driving, cycling, working at a desk, exercising with incorrect use of the muscles, walking without enough strength to support our posture, we often develop these muscle chains in the wrong way. As a result, our posture grows out of alignment, we create compression in the spine which can cause problems with our discs and nerves.  All this imbalance causes pressure on our bodies which can lead to weakness and injury.


What Can Spiral Stabilization Do For You?

With SPS you retrain your muscles and in turn your body to work in the correct way to support a balanced posture. With as little as 10 minutes a day of practice you can improve your posture, your physical ailments, your performance and your lifestyle.

With a simple 10-minute SPS exercise routine you can achieve the following:

  • Reduce muscle imbalances
  • Stretch
  • Strengthen
  • Restore joint movement
  • Restore natural body movement pattern
  • Traction
  • Rotation


Why Practice Spiral Stabilization?

With regular SPS practice we create traction between the vertebrae in the spine which allows herniated disks to heal and nerve problems to improve and heal. With regular practice we improve the posture and the way we move; as a result, we give our bodies more freedom, improved flexibility, less pain, freedom from problems such as sciatica, headaches, foot problems, joint problems, back pain, neck pain and many more common problems.

spiral stabilisation group session

Who Can Practice Spiral Stabilization?

SPS can be practiced by anyone from the age of 5 years old upwards.


It can be practiced standing, kneeling or sitting, so is also ideal for wheelchair users and people who struggle to stand up for long periods.


The exercise is versatile and so can be adapted to suit everyone at any level of physical health.


How Do You Practice Spiral Stabilization?

SPS is practiced using a specially designed resistance cord. You learn a series of exercises which progress as you improve. Each movement consists of a stretch and an exercise, you practice a few repetitions of each exercise before moving on to the next. During the exercises, the vertical muscle chains are stretched and trained to relax, while the spiral muscle chains are strengthened and trained to support your posture.


three temples spiral stabilization

What People Are Saying About SPS

People have reported amazing and very fast results from this practice, often feeling an improvement from just the first session.


I took up SPS myself when I saw an immediate improvement in my lower back pain which I had suffered with for years. By improving my posture, I also felt more confident in the way I was holding myself. I was so impressed with the results that I chose to learn and teach this method in Brighton. There are so many people suffering from problems caused by misuse of the body which can be fixed by simply retraining our muscles a little bit every day.


“I have been suffering with chronic back pain for two years having 2 disc bulges L4,L5. Having tried many treatments with limited success I was introduced to Beccy for Spiral Stabilisation by my Osteopath. Within a matter of weeks, the pain in my lower back considerably reduced after carrying out the exercises. Not only that I feel stronger in myself and relieved that I have found a therapy that really does work, my core is stronger, posture is better and I’m really enjoying the freedom of movement that I thought I may never regain.” Owen, Brighton


“I am noticing a difference in my (back) pain after 2 sessions” Katie, Brighton


“I learned (from my first SPS session), like many people I have been overworking my 'vertical muscles' and need to try to reignite the use of my 'spiral muscles' to move in ways that cause less tension while improving my alignment. I walked away from the session having discovered these new muscles, feeling a little achey yet walking tall, correcting my posture pulling in my tummy, tightening my glutes and lowering my ribs while ensuring I don't lean back. The next day I took my kids out for the day and I felt my body was free to join in without injury, even jumping on a trampoline at 38, after 3 kids!” Claire, Brighton

Get started with SPS

Come and try a session and see what you think. I offer 1-1 or groups of 2 or more. You’ll be surprised at how effective Spiral Stabilization is.