Reiki Treatment In Brighton, Sussex

Reiki is a natural method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It can leave a positive effect on illnesses and negative conditions, such as tension and anxiety. The treatment itself is gentle and relaxing, leaving you with a deep and prolonged sense of well-being.


Reiki is the channeling of energy to aid your body, mind and emotions to heal themselves. Just as your body has a cardiovascular system that pumps blood around your body through blood vessels; it also has an energy system which pumps energy around your body through energy lines.  When we are healthy our energy flows freely through our body and we feel good.  If we experience physical trauma such as injury, or emotional trauma such as stress, our energy can become blocked from moving freely through the body and keeping us healthy.  Reiki energy moves through the body and gently unblocks the stuck areas freeing up the energy flow so your body can start to heal itself and move you back to better health. Your body has its own intelligence and will take as much Reiki energy as it needs to trigger healing in the areas it is needed.

Benefits Of Reiki Treatment

  • Promotes physical and emotional healing. 
  • Refreshes, restores and rejuvenates. 
  • Relaxation of both body and mind to combat stress, the cause of any number of health issues.
  • People have reported that receiving Reiki gives them clarity of mind. This has prompted many people to create other positive changes in their lives.
  • Reiki can also gently work on deep emotional wounds, helping them to release and helping you to move out of the past and be more present in your life.
  • Aids meditation, creativity and positive thinking.

Who Is It For

Reiki can be given to anyone who gives their consent:

  • Adults
  • Children (with the consent of the child and the parent/guardian)
  • Babies (with the consent of the parent/guardian)
  • Animals (with the animals consent, they will let you know if they don't want it by getting up and walking away)
  • Objects can be charged with Reiki for specific purposes (e.g. a crystal for protection)

What Happens During Reiki Treatment?

During a Reiki treatment you will remain fully clothed and lay on a treatment couch (if you are able to). I will transfer the energy through my hands into you. Before the session I will explain the areas that I will connect with so you know what to expect. Reiki can be transferred with direct contact or from a distance. Both are highly effective and can be used interchangeably during a session.  A blanket will be available to cover you if you wish, some people find their temperature drops when they receive healing.


Before your first session we will have a discussion about what you would like to achieve from the healing, this time will also be an opportunity for you to let me know if there is anything you are uncomfortable with.  If you are unable to lay down Reiki can be given sitting, I will accommodate your treatment accordingly. I want you to feel 100% relaxed and comfortable during your session because this is your time out of your busy day to feel pampered and stress free.



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