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    Owen Brooks (Wednesday, 16 November 2016 21:28)

    I have been suffering with chronic back pain for two years having 2 disc bulges L4,L5.Having tried many treatments with limited success I was introduced to Beccy for Spiral Stabilisation by my Osteo. Within a matter of weeks the pain in my lower back considerably reduced after carrying out the exercises. Not only that I feel stronger in my self and relieved that I have found a therapy that really does work. In total I have done 7 sessions with Beccy my core is stronger, posture is better and really enjoying the freedom of movement that I thought I may never regain. I feel very confidant with Beccy, she is a fantastic practitioner and very attentive in the sessions so I feel I am in safe hands.

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    Katie Vincent (Friday, 04 November 2016 05:30)

    Beccy really knows what she is talking about and she is very good at teaching the exercises! I am noticing a difference in my pain after 2 sessions and I would definitely recommend her! She is very lovely and patient and you can tell she really loves her work and helping people become pain free ☺

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    Aubin LaBrosse (East Palo Alto, CA) (Thursday, 03 November 2016 11:37)

    Beccy is an AMAZING energy worker/healer/general rockstar
    (Jul 18, 2016)

    Beccy gave me a distance reiki healing session as she is in the UK and I am located in California. As soon as it was to start I could feel her working from that far away. She is incredibly skilled at what she does. I dozed off a bit throughout the session so I don't have full recollection, but when I awoke at the end I felt amazing - great energy, great presence, vibrant spirit - like a million bucks -- not only that, but when Beccy told me what she experienced throughout the session (including a traumatic event near my birth, which I do have) she was absolutely spot on!

    I've had a few Reiki sessions with a few different people, and I can say, hands down, Beccy is one of the best. Whether you come to her in person, or you are 6,000 miles away, she can help you feel better. She is a true healer, fighter, leader, and friend. She is very kind and generous with her time and attention, and her prices are very reasonable. Give her a try, I promise you'll be very glad you did. :)

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    Claire Robilliard (Friday, 05 August 2016 12:14)

    I experienced my first Spiral stabilisation session with Beccy with no real knowledge of what to expect. I felt that the session was a blend of Pilates, Tai Chi & Strength exercises. I learned like many people I have been overworking my 'vertical muscles' and need to try to reignite the use of my 'spiral muscles' to move in ways that cause less tension while improving my alignment. I walked away from the session having discovered these new muscles, feeling a little achey yet walking tall, correcting my posture pulling in my tummy, tightening my glutes and lowering my ribs while ensuring I don't lean back. The next day I took my kids out for the day and I felt my body was free to join in without injury, even jumping on a trampoline at 38, after 3 kids!

    The technique is interesting. I'm looking forward to developing my technique with Beccy weekly. I can see it acting as an interim technique pre-exercise as I'm keen to go from mummy exercise to playing Netball again!

    Thanks for the introduction Beccy.

    Claire Robilliard
    Massage Practitioner & Trainer
    Brighton, East Sussex