Sadness, is it a disease of the mind and body? How do you cope?

How do you cope with sadness?

A lot of us feel sadness. We keep ourselves busy so we don't have to deal with the emotion, it's painful after all. Why should we face it when there are so many things we could be doing to avoid it?

Have you ever sat quietly with your sadness? Allowed it to course through you like a tidal wave? It's not easy, in fact it is so much easier to pick up the phone and start a conversation with a friend about nothing just for some distraction. Or to go to the gym and do a work out for the distraction. Or to go for a walk for the distraction. Take pills to numb the pain of sadness. These things are a distraction from the emotion which is inside you. The deep void of sadness which sometimes never seems to let up.

The problem is, if we always distract ourselves from being with this emotion, it stays inside us, it grows, and it comes back with vengeance. No one likes to be ignored, to be pushed aside and locked away as if they don't matter. Emotions are the same, they have a life force of their own and they don't like to be ignored, pushed aside or locked up. And this is what we do. Someone or something which is repeatedly ignored, grows and festers until it cannot be ignored any more.

Imagine your emotions like a thick liquid that flows through your body and your soul. At some point in all our lives we push emotions inside of us, pack them down deep and keep them there. If you stop a liquid from flowing, and force it to stay in one place, building more and more liquid on top, what happens to it?

Still liquid becomes stagnant, providing a breeding ground for germs and other pests.

Imagine all your stuck emotions are stored like this in your body, like tar on the lungs from inhaling smoke. It's gunky, it's putrid, and it will likely cause sickness and disease in the body. It is better flowing than stagnant!

To stop when you feel sadness is hard, but it is the best way to allow it to flow. Stop, physically stop everything you are doing, sit or lay down, stare into space and do nothing.


Leave your phone, iPad, laptop alone. Notice where in your body you feel it.  Allow the feeling to start to move and to flow through you. This will be painful, and tears may come, let them, allow the tears to flow, allow the feelings to flow. It may be terrifying, it may be painful, but surely a moment of painful release is better than a lifetime of stagnant putrid gunk in your body making you sick and diseased. Once the pain has passed through you it can leave your system, freeing up your body and soul for more positive emotions.



How long this takes will depend on how many years one has been storing away the sadness. Each person will deal with and process the emotion in different ways. Each person must find their own path to freeing themselves from stuck emotions.



I have found Reiki a very effective tool for releasing and moving sadness and other stuck emotions. To fill the gap with love and gentle but powerful healing.