A simple exercise to relieve a broken heart

simple exercise to recover from heartbreak - woman in peace

Often when someone breaks off a relationship with the person they have loved there are still strong energetic connections which make it harder for both parties to heal.  Here is a simple exercise you can do to fully separate your energy from the person. This will not stop you caring about them or them about you, or turn you into an emotionless zombie, it is about taking all the parts of yourself back into you so you can feel more complete, and it will support your healing process. You may need to repeat the exercise a few times as it is not an instant fix. If you have been together with someone for a long time or connected on a really deep level then your energies could be very deeply embedded in each other. This kind of connection can take time and persistence to release and let go of.


Also the exercise can speed up the healing process slightly so can feel sometimes like the pain gets a little more intense. If this happens know that it is temporary and will calm down again, anything which speeds up a healing process can make the symptoms seem worse temporarily while the body or emotions are clearing out old stuff.

Part One

Find a place where you can be comfortable and undisturbed for at least 30 minutes, preferably an hour.


Sit or lay comfortably.


Close your eyes.


Bring your awareness to your heart area.


Take a slow, gentle breath in, pay attention to the feeling of the breath coming in through your nose, travelling down your throat and into your lungs. Allow it to fill your lungs completely, and when they are full, move the breath beyond your lungs and down into your abdomen, all the way down to your base, the area between the base of your spine and your pubic bone.  Fill your entire torso from the bottom up. Now release a slow, gentle out breath. As you release the breath from your body notice how it feels as it travels from your base, up through your belly, your lungs, your throat, your mouth and nose.


Take two more gentle breaths in and out in the same way. Then allow your breathing to return to normal and relax into the chair or surface supporting your body.


Imagine a stream of white light beaming from the base of your torso downwards all the way to the centre of the earth. Draw white light through the beam from the earth into your base, allow it to move gently up through your body to your heart and then to the top of your head.


Imagine the white beam of light exploding upwards to the stars and drawing more white light down from the stars into your body through the top of your head. Imagine it travelling down through your body to your base again.


This process can take a few minutes when you are used to it but may take longer at first, if you find it takes 20-30 minutes just to get through this part of the exercise, that’s ok, allow it to happen in your own time.

Part Two

releasing energy - heartbreak recovery
  1.  Imagine the person you want to separate the connection with is in front of you, arm’s length away, facing you with their heart at the same level as yours. Hold the image of them there throughout this part of the exercise.
  2. Bring your awareness to the area at the top of your pubic bone.
  3. Imagine or think about a stream of energy flowing from this point in your body to the same area in their body. This is your base connection holding issues surrounding your sexual energy. Notice if the connection has colour, texture, temperature, consistency. Notice whether it is one solid stream or if it breaks into more than one stream like a frayed piece of string. Don’t try to change it, just notice it.
  4. Place one hand over this area of your body and your other hand over the same area of the person you are holding an image of in front of you. Say out loud, or in your head, “Thank you, I release you.” 
  5. With the hand that is over your base slowly take hold of the tendrils which are embedded in you and connected to the person. Imagine or think about your hand moving into your body and taking hold of the energy. Make sure you do this slowly and with care as they may have been there for a long time and you need to be gentle with yourself.
  6. Once you have hold of the tendrils, keep hold of them and repeat the last step to remove the tendrils from the other person. Once you have both ends of the energy stream in each hand, cup your hands together as if you are holding a butterfly you don’t want to escape.
  7.  Imagine or think about a beam of white light shining from your palms into the energy you are holding, take a breath in, open your hands and physically blow the energy upwards away from you. Say out loud or in your head “I release you to the stars” and see or think about the energy dispersing.
  8.  Clap your hands loudly once to clear any residue, and shake your hands off if you feel you need to. Place your hands over the area you have just removed the tendrils from and allow white light from your hands to fill the area.
  9. Move your awareness to an inch below your belly button, your centre and place of balance, and repeat steps 3-8.
  10. Move your awareness to 2 inches above your belly button, this area houses your emotional reactions, and repeat steps 3-8.
  11. Move your awareness to your solar plexus, the base of your breast bone, this area is your sense of self, and repeat steps 3-8.
  12. Move your awareness to your heart, your area of love, and repeat steps 3-8.
  13. Move your awareness to your third eye, the area between your eyebrows, this area relates to your creativity and intuition, and repeat steps 3-8.
  14. Move your awareness to your crown at the top of your head, the place from which you connect to your higher consciousness, and repeat steps 3-8.
  15. Once you have filled your crown with white light, remove your hands from the area and use them to clear away the image of the person in front of you, as if you are clearing some smoke, and say out loud, or in your head, ‘Thank you, I release you’.
  16. Place one hand on your crown and one hand on your base. Surround yourself in golden light. Send white light through your body from your crown and your base until it meets at your heart.
  17. Place your hands over your heart area, say or think the words, ‘Thank you, I love you, I respect you’, ask your heart to heal and fill it with white light.
  18. Rest your hands and sit for a minute or two just allowing everything to settle down

You can repeat this exercise as often as you need to.


Reiki Healing

Emotional turmoil can be greatly helped by Reiki healing. If you are experiencing emotional pain, booking a reiki session is one way you can help the healing process of a broken heart and get back to being the empowered version of yourself. Learn more about Reiki and how it has helped so many others. 

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