Spiral Stabilization in Brighton, Sussex

We have a group of muscles around the spine which are meant for keeping correct posture and a group of muscles designed to provide movement.  Due to continued misuse of these muscles, often from a very young age, we can experience misalignment of the spine, nerve impingement, back pain, disc herniation and many more health and postural issues.


Spiral Stabilization is a non surgical solution - a revolutionary exercise method for the treatment and prevention, through sufficient regeneration, of spinal disorders and also disorders in the main joints such as hip, knee, shoulder, foot joints and the base of the foot. 


Whether you are an athlete seeking to boost performance, a young parent suffering from back pain or wanting to use the method to compliment a surgical procedure, please get in touch to find out how Spiral Stabilization can benefit you


You take away knowledge and a personalised plan so you can undertake these exercises at home, maintaining spinal health in as little as 10 minutes a day!


Spiral Stabilization has been practiced successfully in Europe for over two decades. Three Temples are currently the only Spiral Stabilization practitioners in Sussex. 

"I have been suffering with chronic back pain for two years having 2 disc bulges L4,L5.Having tried many treatments with limited success I was introduced to Beccy for Spiral Stabilisation by my Osteo. Within a matter of weeks the pain in my lower back considerably reduced after carrying out the exercises. Not only that I feel stronger in my self and relieved that I have found a therapy that really does work. In total I have done 7 sessions with Beccy my core is stronger, posture is better and really enjoying the freedom of movement that I thought I may never regain. I feel very confidant with Beccy, she is a fantastic practitioner and very attentive in the sessions so I feel I am in safe hands."
Owen Brooks

Benefits of Spiral Stabilization

Spiral Stabilization helps to prevent injury and aid recovery from injury, whilst reducing pain and discomfort and increasing flexibility and movement. 


You may be undergoing or recovering from surgical treatment and find that Spiral Stabilization assists with preparation, recovery, prevention of complications. 


Other benefits: 

  • Supports correct posture, stability of movement and corrects muscle imbalances
  • Re-establishes natural movement after loss, e.g. to joints or back
  • Relieves pressure on the inter-vertebral discs and joints
  • Aids back and joint pain relief
  • Promotes spine regeneration
  • Strengthens weak muscles
  • Improves flexibility
  • Develops natural coordination and balance
  • Easy to learn exercises
  • Curative and preventative


Conditions Spiral Stabilization helps with: 

  • Disc degeneration/prolapse/herniation
  • Scoliosis (kyphosis, lordosis)
  • Failed back surgery syndrome 
  • Hip and knee surgery



"I experienced my first Spiral Stabilisation session with Beccy with no real knowledge of what to expect. I felt that the session was a blend of Pilates, Tai Chi & Strength exercises. I learned like many people I have been overworking my 'vertical muscles' and need to try to reignite the use of my 'spiral muscles' to move in ways that cause less tension while improving my alignment. I walked away from the session having discovered these new muscles, feeling a little achey yet walking tall, correcting my posture pulling in my tummy, tightening my glutes and lowering my ribs while ensuring I don't lean back. The next day I took my kids out for the day and I felt my body was free to join in without injury, even jumping on a trampoline at 38, after 3 kids!"
Claire Robilliard

Who Is Spiral Stabilization For?

Spiral Stabilization can be used by anyone who suffers from back pain or who wants to improve movement and comfort. You might have a sedentary job which causes discomfort or have pain from overloading  heavy weights (or even carrying young children!). 


These exercises renew muscle balance, releasing painful muscle tension and optimising movement coordination.


People who will benefit from treatment include:


  • General pain sufferers
  • Parents of young children
  • Middle aged
  • Prenatal and postnatal - preparation for pregnancy, exercising during pregnancy and recovery after giving birth. 
  • Seniors - working towards a pain free, active retirement by maintaining stable walking and rectifying instability and giddiness,  to prevent falling.
  • Athletes - working on fast activation of the stabilizing muscles and active stretching for better performance, quicker recovery and injury prevention.
  • Wheelchair users - Alleviating pain, correcting postural alignment and tailored to the individuals' requirements.
  • Children/Youth, over 5 - targeting poor posture caused by long periods of sitting at a desk at school, or by conditions such as: kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis and Scheuermann's disease.

What Happens During Spiral Stabilization Treatment?


Your first consultation starts with a questionnaire covering medical history and current health conditions, so your practitioner can fully understand your needs. This is followed by a posture assessment and an exercise session, with an explanation of the methods and how Spiral Stabilization will benefit you. 


Afterwards, you will be given a personalised programme with specific exercises to practice at home, plus guidance on how to do this. I will ensure that you feel confident to practice the method at home by the end of your first session. A Spiral Stabilization cord will be available to purchase so you can continue your practice at home. 


You can then book a follow up session within a week to ensure you are completing the exercises properly and to provide progression where necessary. Regular sessions will help you to ensure you are getting the most our of your exercise practice.  


Book a Spiral Stabilization treatment now or find out more about the relaxing, refreshing treatment provided by booking Reiki in Brighton


If you have any questions, please do get in touch. Email beccy@threetemples.co.uk or call 07778 524926. 



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