The Search for Enlightenment

path to enlightenment

A long time ago I was on a search for enlightenment. I used to believe one day I would find one thing; have one major awakening that would enable me to reach enlightenment!


I would practice yoga, tai chi, martial arts. I would read self-help books and watch and listen to inspirational materials, I would take courses in massage and healing and attend festivals and events which explored this path. I would talk till I was blue in the face about how I was searching for enlightenment and how very spiritual I was.


As I have experienced different episodes of my life I have learnt that enlightenment is not some mystical place that you suddenly reach, or state of mind that you suddenly start to live from. Enlightenment is not sudden, well for most of us, there could be the odd few who suddenly get there but let’s stay on track.


What I have learnt is that when I find something that helps me to be a better me, I incorporate it into my life and make it a habit, so that the accumulative effects of that practice move me ever closer to being the best me that I can be.


I have learnt that if I stop searching for something better and take a step back, I realise what I need to change in my life to follow the best path in the now. Now is the only time that matters because the past and the future are the present, what we do NOW is what counts.


Our behaviour creates us. Internal turmoil creates external conflict. If we find a peace within then we create a peace in the world around us.  I have experienced conflicting thought processes, one says focussing on yourself is selfish and we should sacrifice ourselves for the good of all. The other says if you don’t look after yourself first you are no good to anyone!  Which is correct?


The answer…Both, actually. We need to find a balance. Being spiritual and enlightened is great and if you have focussed solely on yourself to get there then that’s great! But if you’ve sacrificed personal connections to reach it then you walk a lonely path.  It’s so much more fun to experience the journey with people you love, don’t you think?


On the other hand, if you have given up your ‘self’ to be selfless and only help others, where does that leave you? This can also be a lonely path as everyone around you takes what they want from you and moves on with their lives.


We need a balance, a merging of both paths so we can attempt as a race to evolve together, isn’t this the ultimate goal? After all we are all made of the same stuff, part of the same organic earth which floats around within the same living universe. Where would we be without each other?


My advice…Find what works and do more of it. Love each other in every moment.


I have found the regular practice of healing, SPS and meditation extremely beneficial in helping me live a better life.  If you feel Reiki or Spiral Stabilization could work for you please get in touch, book a session or recommend a friend. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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