We Create Our Own Reality

we create our own reality


Have you ever wondered why the events in your life repeat themselves over and over? Why you always end up in the same scenario, where the people and surroundings may have changed but your story is the same as the last time?


The events in our lives are orchestrated, by ourselves. We are electrical beings giving off a pulse which resonates into our environment affecting the energy, people and objects around us.


This pulse is manufactured inside our bodies based on the way we operate on the inside. The way we carry our bodies, our posture, the way we breathe, the way we move, the way we think. These things affect how we resonate into the environment.


We are like beacons, what we give out has a direct effect on our surroundings which in turn reacts to us accordingly. So, the way we behave determines what comes back from the people around us. This is not Karma, it is an immediate action-creates-reaction situation.


Karma accumulates from the knock-on effect we have, we effect our immediate environment which then in turn effects it’s environment. We are all affecting each other by creating action and reaction all over the planet.


So, when you find yourself in that same situation again, for example maybe you keep getting yourself into unhealthy relationships, or the people in your life are not treating you well, or you keep getting stuck in the same role at work even though you know you are worth more. If you find yourself in the same situation repeatedly, take a long and considered look at yourself and see if you can work out how you are creating that scenario. Ask yourself, “What is my part in this situation?”, “How have I influenced my environment and the people around me to create these reactions?”

Try this simple exercise

Sit quietly with a piece of paper and a pen, take three deep breaths, then focus on a single situation that has repeated itself many times in your life. Remember the places they occurred, the people in the scenarios and how they reacted to you, how you felt in the situation each time.  Then imagine watching the situation from the outside as if you are watching a play, you would be the lead role but you are watching yourself from the outside as if you are someone else in the scenario.


Notice your actions, your body language, how you affect the people around you. See if you can tune into your electrical pulse and notice how it is affecting your environment.


When you have this clear in your mind, open your eyes and write down your observations, write what your actions and thoughts were, write what you could have done differently that may have influenced the outcome of the situation. Write down everything that comes into your mind.


Once your thoughts are all out on paper, close your eyes and imagine the scenario again, this time change the way you act in the situation to influence the outcome to be what you want it to be. For example, if someone else got the promotion you were hoping for, change your behaviour leading up to that point to create the outcome you wanted. See the scenario play out to the end, watch your new behaviour in the situation, maybe you are interacting differently with the people around you, acting differently around them which creates different reactions from them. Maybe you are holding yourself differently, your posture is better so you are commanding more respect. Maybe you spent more time doing research so that you knew what was needed to achieve the desired outcome. See yourself flourish in your environment.


Open your eyes and read through what you have written. Pay attention to what you are thinking, doing and how you are acting as you go about your day. If you notice yourself doing the things on your list, try to change something about what you are doing to match the you in your second scene where you achieve your desired outcome.

You Are In The Driving Seat

Practice changing your thoughts and behaviour regularly and you will find that the people around you will react differently to you. You are in the driving seat of your life. You are creating your life as you go along. No one else can change the things that happen to you, you are the only person in your life who can do that. If you find yourself blaming other people for the things that happen to you, practice changing that too, pay attention to the blaming thoughts, words and behaviour and use the exercise above to reflect on this and to change it.


When you start taking responsibility for your own life you will be able to write your story however you choose. This is way more fun than relying on other people to do it for you. No one else has your best interests at heart more than you do, so start looking after yourself and create the life you want for yourself, and let the people around you do the same for themselves without trying to control their lives.

Give Reiki a try

If you find it difficult to change your pulse, your thoughts and your actions, you don’t have to do it alone. There are many therapies out there that can help you to change your life. Try a course of Reiki treatments. Reiki can get into the thought or behaviour pattern and gently unravel it, giving you the space to create new behaviours and giving you responsibility over you’re your own life so you can be free to live the way you choose.

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