What came first…Energy or Matter?

No one really knows the answer to this question, but it has been under debate for as long as humans have been able to debate. Some scientists believe energy came first and then matter was formed when we had the big bang. Some believe there had to be matter and energy present for the big bang to even be possible. So perhaps they were created at the same time?


What do you think?


From my experience as a therapist, if you change the energy surrounding an illness or disease, the physical symptoms will improve as a result. If you change the thought process which is keeping a person stuck in old habits, the physical symptoms improve.


So where do thoughts come into the mix?  Well, thoughts are a form of energy, electrical impulses firing in the brain and travelling through the nervous system as a series of electrical impulses causing the body to react in some way, like flexing a muscle to create movement. Thought patterns are a series of repeated thoughts creating a pattern of movement/reactions which in turn creates our experiences.


So it stands to reason that energy could create thought, and that thought can create patterns of behaviour, and that behaviour can create physical manifestation like bad posture, pain and disease.

The order of disease creation

So, on the flip side, do we think that changing the physical body can heal the disease?


In my experience when we try to change the physical symptoms to heal an illness or disease, this does not remove the cause of the illness but may relieve the symptoms for a while, maybe giving the impression that a person is better. But unless the cause of the issue is dealt with, the symptoms of the illness often return.


In order to heal an illness effectively so that it does not return, we need to work out what the energetic cause is of that particular illness in that particular person. Then we need to know how to release that energy safely from the person.


The best method of healing is one which encompasses all aspects of a person. Energetic, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. This can be done by combining different therapies or finding therapies which encompass as many of these aspects as possible.


Different therapies will work for different people. Each person needs to find what works best for them. Keep searching and trying new things, the learning curve never stops and it’s fun to discover new ways to heal yourself.


Reiki is a great way to release energetic blocks from the body to aid in healing and recovery from an illness.


Spiral Stabilization aligns the body and retrains the muscles and the way you move and use your body, this frees up both physical and energy blocks to allow the nervous and blood systems and all other systems in the body to flow.


If you think either method of healing can help you improve your health, please get in touch.


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